Different uses for old iPods

You know how it is, new technology comes along and replaces the older stuff. Problem is that the old stuff was once new and even though its operating system cannot be upgraded or it doesn't have the new bells and whistles, it still works.
So what to do with the previous generations of stuff? What I've done is added a selection of driving tunes to the little shuffle. An audio lead connects with the car's radio and there you go a playlist for the road. The shuffle is tiny so can be left in the glove box.
The old nano is set up to hold podcasts of favourite shows and sits in the study/office close to a supply of pens and paper. That way any useful snippets, quotes, suggestions or links can be jotted down and filed for future reference.
Then there's the trusty iPod Touch. That got so much use in the past but the collection of music eventually exceeded capacity and these days it serves as a repository for audiobooks. Yes it sometimes travels in the car, especially for long journeys but it is great for browsing titles and chapters.
Surely the point, you'll argue, is to hold different types of audio files on the same device rather than lugging different ones around. Maybe. But for the moment a different item for different purposes is working for me and keeping older gear in service.
What do you think? Do you keep old equipment up and running?
And if not, why do you still have it?