Have you heard the old saying that people should teach what they most need to learn?

For years I have been fascinated about developing effectiveness and realising potential.  I have learnt, used and developed strategies gleaned from literally hundreds of books and audio programmes as well as from development seminars and my own experience. Now for the teaching bit: it’s time to put all that into practice and share the learning with others.

I am very interested in organisations and the professionals who work in them. I have an abiding interest in the work of middle managers and use social media to provide support to those who feel caught between a rock and a work place.

These professionals face many challenges in managing and leading their own teams while being managed themselves. On top of that, they have their own work to do often against difficult deadlines. Some need time and space to work but often find themselves either squeezed or stuck!

Occasionally their work and personal lives hit rocks in the road and they could use a little help to regain balance and move forward.  That’s where middlefocus comes in.

Stay a while onsite and browse its pages.  If you think I can be of help then I look forward to being in touch - meantime thanks for dropping by.

Chris Tracey