Public Reading - Donal Ryan


Back at a public library again! 

This time for a reading by author Donal Ryan.  We almost missed the event as when we applied for seats registration was already full.  A helpful staff member put us on a waiting list and sure enough some spaces became available.  We jumped at the chance to attend.

I love his writing and with the addition of his latest, the queen of dirt island, have all his books. The one he is reading from in the picture above gave him, and then his listeners, some amusement.  It was an early publication version and the cover had been presented upside down.  The sections he read though were powerful and his literary talents are assuredly the right way up.

At the library event he talked about the process of writing and the critical inputs of editors and family members. He invited questions and responded to these at length revealing in the process further insights into his literary journey.

We were delighted to hear that this current title invites a follow-up.

Thank you LibrariesNI.


Check out more on the book at this link.