Shaping up to workplace squeeze

You may have heard it said that people should teach what they most need to learn. For years I have been fascinated about developing effectiveness and realising potential. I have been learning from all sorts of books, audio programmes and seminars that I have attended. Now it's time to put all that into practice and share the learning with others.

I have started middlefocus as my response to the observation that many middle managers are caught between a rock and a work place. They face daily challenges in managing and leading their own teams while being on the receiving end from their senior colleagues. To top it all, they have their own work to do often against difficult deadlines. They need time and space to work but often find themselves either squeezed or stuck! Sometimes their work and personal lives tumble out of control and they could do with some help to regain their balance and move forward.

That's where middlefocus comes in. Over the years I have acquired a range of "tools" that have helped ease my working day and I want to share them with others. I aim to do that through this blog and through a regular podcast that will be reaching your headphones soon.

Focus on this space!

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