Engagement - What's in a word?

Following up the last post on Leadership, I have used the same What's in a word? technique to explore the theme of employee engagement. Here goes:
E: Whether Employee or Employer, both have Expectations
N: Certainly both employer and employee have Needs that must be met
G: This can be for Goals and for the truly engaged might mean Going the extra mile
A: Might have to do with Action or Aspiration but here I want to use the term Attitude
G: An employee may want a career plan. They will want to Grow that career
E: Another E. Engaged people seem to get Enjoyment from their work
M: Might have to do with Mission or Making a Difference, think Magnificent!
E: Another one? Good job we have terms like Enthusiasm; how about Empowerment?
N: This letter could be for Nurture but could be for No Problem!
T: This obviously must cover Training for the role. And when good at it, go for Trust.

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