So you really want to shine?

It was a treat last weekend to meet up with some friends to dine in a really classy restaurant in Belfast. It's the kind of place you go to for that special occasion because you just know that the food will be superb and you are going to be treated very well. It's the epitome of great service and attention to detail: table tops, crockery and silverware all gleaming.

The restaurant popped into mind today while reading a newspaper article setting out five tips for would-be writers.  Here's why....

The article's #1 tip was that "If you want to shine, you have to polish".

As a blogger, I'm one of those 'would-be writers' so it's advice that I'll be taking to heart and acting on in future.

Then it struck me that there was plenty of polishing going on in that restaurant and its shine shows. That sparkled my thinking about things that we might do in our personal and professional lives to polish up our act and shine more brightly.

Time to polish up....?

Listening skills... and become more attentive to things people say;
Speaking skills... to become more influential and persuasive communicators;
Presentation skills... to grab and hold an audience's attention;
Being in the moment... to be present for others, at home and in the workplace.

So you really want to shine?  Me too.
What will we have to polish?

Continued Success!


PS:  If you are in Belfast and interested in that restaurant, you can find it here

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