Wellbeing: Take 5

I came across this little fold-up advice leaflet and thought that its 5 key points were worth sharing.  Produced by the Public Health Agency, the five steps to wellbeing that it recommends are:

1. Give
2. Be active
3. Take notice
4. Keep learning and
5. Connect.

Each of the steps has an associated symbol and explanatory comment. And they make sense.

Take 5 minutes and check out an online version of the leaflet and other mental health related material at the links below.  I'm glad I did as there is plenty of stuff to think about both for ones own health and for others.

The next step is to build the 5 steps into daily habits so that they become second nature. This is where the discreet portability of the fold-up is useful. Slipped into a purse, wallet or pocket it can prompt us to action each time we notice it.

Follow up
Read online version of the 5 Steps leaflet here and see other health related advice at www.mindingyourhead.info

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